Instant Rewards for Saving Money

Create a circle, invite friends, make monthly contributions using M-pesa and earn your Circle bonus instantly

The Challenge

Access to financial services in Africa is generally inadequate and costly. Over 80% of our population, mostly the youth, is excluded from the global financial system. While prices of food and shelter rise, it is harder for ordinary Africans to save money, make investments and create wealth. This adds to inequality and poverty across the continent. 

Our Solution

Circle is a simple app that makes saving easy. Leveraging on emerging mobile money transfer technologies and our strong African spirit of community, we help individuals and groups to conveniently and affordably generate wealth.
You can download and register for free, and make contributions to your circle instantly using M-pesa. We immediately reward bonus money on each deposit made to your Circle so you can get more out of saving and reach your financial goals.

Join Circle now and change your saving experience by following the simple steps outlined in our user guide

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